Hand loans immediately, cash money

Hand loans, as cash loans are often labeled, can secure money very quickly, without the need for a bank transfer. Who offers these loans and under what conditions?

Not surprisingly enough, we can find cash loans in the non-banking part of the financial market. The Bank lends solely by bank transfer, non-bank companies are willing to provide funds even without transfer to the bank account.

The money can be obtained by the applicant in the following ways:

The money can be obtained by the applicant in the following ways:

  • 1. Personal handover
  • 2. Post money order
  • 3. At the gas station, “in the tobacconist”

1.Personal handover: loan today – even at the weekend

1.Personal handover: loan today - even at the weekend

In the category of cash loans, we can find, for example, a loan from Provident, which offers its clients from 3,000 to 90,000 CZK with a maturity of 3 – 24 months. After an applicant applies for an online loan through the Internet, a Provident contract agent comes to the house and handles it with him. Even at the weekend. A bank statement is sufficient as proof of income, as well as proof of identity and proof of permanent residence in the Czech Republic (eg lease contract).

Foreigners must also prepare a permanent residence permit in the Czech Republic. The money is paid out within 15 minutes of approval (more at 

2. Loan loan

2. Loan loan

Another option to get a loan without using an account is to send money through a postal order. This is possible, for example, with Zaloan . 

The general disadvantage of a loan slip is the fact that the delivery of a postal order takes several days (up to 4 days). If the customer wants money fast, it may be better to use the loan immediately on account

3. Money at a gas station or “in a tobacconist”

Some companies provide the option of collecting money at their contractors’ premises. Money can be picked up personally immediately after the application is approved. PortalLoan provides a loan of 500 to 30,000 for 5-30 days, and clients can come for or arrive at one of the EuroOil petrol stations for the approved amount. Disbursement of the loan It is again possible in the GECO network of stores.

Hand Loan Without Registry

Hand Loan Without Registry

We hasten to add that cash can be obtained isu American mortgages (loans to real estate) ACEM. 100,000 – 2,000,000 CZK are lent here and 30,000 CZK can be taken in cash when signing the contract. Because the Acema loan is secured by real estate, it can be more tolerant of the client’s creditworthiness and can do without checking the registers.

Loans from private individuals on the bill are a thing of the past

In the past, bill loans from private individuals were very widespread in the area of ​​cash loans. From 1.12.2016 – after the amendment to the Consumer Credit Act came into force, both private borrowing for interest and the use of a bill of exchange are outlawed.

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